At AI Tech Talks, our mission is to promote education and awareness of artificial intelligence in an accessible and engaging way for all. We are passionate about the future of technology and believe that AI will play a crucial role in it. That's why we have gathered a team of AI experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the field to bring you the most interesting and current talks.At our AI Tech Talks auditorium, located in the Metaverse, you can find talks on a wide range of AI topics, from machine learning to robotics and ethics in AI. We are committed to providing you with quality talks, delivered by the best experts in the field.Join us in the Metaverse and discover how AI is transforming the world around us. Thank you for visiting AI Tech Talks!



To be a global reference in education and dialogue on artificial intelligence, contributing to its growth and development for the benefit of humanity.

Provide a platform for dialogue and education about artificial intelligence, fostering collaboration and advancement in this technology.


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