This device can turn any object into a switch

Objectifier empowers people to train objects in their daily environment to respond to their unique behaviors.

It gives an experience of training an artificial intelligence; a shift from a passive consumer to an active, playful director of domestic technology. Interacting with Objectifier is much like training a dog – you teach it only what you want it to care about. Just like a dog, it sees and understands its environment.


With computer vision and a neural network, complex behaviours are associated with your command. For example, you might want to turn on your radio with your favorite dance move. Connect your radio to the Objectifier and use the training app to show it when the radio should turn on. In this way, people will be able to experience new interactive ways to control objects, building a creative relationship with technology without any programming knowledge. 


Objectifier gives an experience of training an intelligence to control other domestic objects. The system can adjust to any behaviour or gesture. Through the training app the Objectifier can learn when it should turn another object on or off. By combining powerful computer vision with the right machine learning algorithm the program can learn to understand.

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